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  • Jenni Jackson

Julian Vaughan – our Parliamentary Candidate

Following a well-attended selection event at the Labour Hall in Biggleswade on Saturday 26 October, contested by four potential candidates, we are pleased to announce Julian Vaughan as our Parliamentary Candidate for NE Beds constituency.

Julian was re-elected as candidate, having almost doubled Labour’s vote share and increased its percentage of the vote to 28.5% in the same constituency in the 2017 General Election.

A train driver who lives in Langford, Julian is active in the community,.He co-founded the ‘Bedfordshire Rail Access Network’ and the ‘Biggleswade Rail Users Group’, and is an ardent campaigner for the rights of disabled people on the railways.

Even political adversary Alistair Burt, the current MP for NE Bedfordshire, has paid tribute to Julian’s work in the constituency. In a recent Westminster Hall debate he said: “Julian has been of great and genuine help with user groups and, particularly, in assisting those of us campaigning for better disability access at Biggleswade Station.”

Following his selection Julian said: “I am proud to be re-elected as the Labour Candidate for NE Bedfordshire. The current government is failing people in Bedfordshire and country-wide, has created a deeply divided and unequal society, and is ripping apart the social fabric of the UK.

“I will work across political divides, both for the benefit of the community and the environment, ensuring that the climate emergency is tackled with the urgency it demands and that NE Bedfordshire has the infrastructure it desperately needs. I will prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable in our community and make sure that all constituents are treated with dignity and respect.”

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