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Mixed results in local elections

Bedford Borough Council

After a long drawn-out electoral count, Liberal Democrat Dave Hodgson was re-elected Mayor at just after 8pm on Friday 3 May. He achieved 3,311 more votes than his closest rival, the Conservative candidate. Labour’s Mayoral Candidate, Jenni Jackson, came in third with 9,677 votes.

There was great sadness in the Labour ranks at the loss of both Goldington seats and one Kingsbrook seat to the LibDems, and the loss of our one councillor in Castle ward when the Greens took both seats.

The Borough Labour Group was delighted, however, to welcome three new councillors to their midst, two in Cauldwell ward and one in Queen’s Park. The new make-up of the council is 15 LibDems, 11 Conservative, 11 Labour, 2 Greens and 1 Independent. Turnout across the Borough was confirmed at 37% overall.

Find the full list of results here.

Central Bedfordshire Council

Although the Conservatives retained overall control of Central Bedfordshire, they saw their majority reduced, losing 10 seats to independents and two to the Liberal Democrats. UKIP also gained a seat from Labour.

The new council is made up of 41 Conservative councillors, 13 Independents, 3 Liberal Democrats, 1 Labour councillor and 1 UKIP councillor.

We are delighted that Cllr Toni Ryan was returned for Parkside Ward; many congratulations to her.

Find the full list of results here.

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