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Putting people first: Jenni Jackson launches Bedford Borough Manifesto

Jenni Jackson, Labour Bedford Borough Mayoral Candidate, was joined by Andrew Gwynne MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mohammad Yasin MP and Cllr Sue Oliver, Labour Group Leader to launch Labour’s manifesto for Bedford Borough: Putting People First, on Thursday 28th March.

Jenni Jackson said, ‘Our plan brings together the collective values and views from thousands of conversations our candidates and councillors have had with residents; it is truly a manifesto by the people, for the people. By putting people first, a Labour Council will ensure that Bedford Borough is a place that people want to work, live and visit.’

Andrew Gwynne MP praised the manifesto saying, ‘Jenni Jackson and our Labour candidates have a plan to protect crucial services in Bedford Borough in the face of continuing Tory cuts.’

Joe Fortune of the Cooperative Party described the plan as ‘oozing with common decency’.

Recognising that every ward has its own set of challenges and opportunities, Labour candidates and Councillors have each made pledges specifically for their area.

Labour Group Leader Sue Oliver said, ‘The Labour Party remains committed to working all year round on the issues that matter to you. That is why our pledges are in response to the specific issues that you have told us are important to you.’

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