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Become a Labour candidate

Do you think you could be an excellent local Labour representative?

Standing for local government at any level can be enormously rewarding. From the friends you make on the campaign to the experience you gain dealing with local issues, it is a thoroughly enriching experience. The strongest aspect, though, has to be the reason any of us stand for election in the first place – helping our local community.

NE Beds CLP is currently looking for members who are willing to stand as candidates in next year's local authority elections. So if you are angry at this Tory government's constant attacks on our local democracy, now is the time to get involved and join our fight back.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate, please let us know using the 'contact us' section on this website.

Why not start by reading our Chair's recent experiences of being a Parliamentary candidate? It may inspire you… Find his blog post here>

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