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Labour's 2019 Manifesto for Bedford Borough

Our North Beds Branch, the largest of our branches, covers the largely rural area from the Northamptonshire border in the north to the outskirts of Bedford town in the south, and falls within the Bedford Borough local authority area.


The electoral wards covered by our North Beds Branch are:

Bromham & Biddenham, Clapham, Eastcotts, Great Barford, Harrold, Kempston Rural, Oakley, Riseley, Sharnbrook, Wilshamstead, Wootton and Wyboston.

We work hard to have candidates standing in each of these wards, making sure that our voters always have a Labour name on the ballot paper. And we are always proud to support our comrades in the Bedford urban council seats under the banner of Labour’s 2019 manifesto for Bedford Borough: 'Putting People First'.


For the May 2019 local elections, our Bedford Borough Council candidates were:

  • Bromham & Biddenham (two seats) – Gordon Charlton and Ollie Charlton

  • Clapham – Lynne Wady

  • Eastcotts – Mansoor Nasir

  • Great Barford (two seats) – Pauline Webb and Silas Wady

  • Harrold – John Dawson

  • Kempston Rural – Ashley Frith

  • Oakley – Ian Baguley

  • Riseley – Martyn Wady

  • Sharnbrook – Paul Barton

  • Wilshamstead – Saqhib Ali

  • Wootton – Adrien Beardmore

  • Wyboston – Chris Howes

Sadly, none of our rural candidates was successful on this occasion – we greatly appreciate their dedication and determination, however, as well as their willingness to 'put their heads above the parapet' in wards where being overtly political is not always welcomed. Sincere thanks to all of you…

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