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North East Beds Constituency Labour Party

200 CLUB



  • Q: What is the 200 Club Draw? 

  • A: A monthly draw that raises money exclusively for the local Constituency Labour Party here in N.E. Beds.

  • Q: Why does the local party need money?

  • A: While your monthly subs benefit the Labour Party, much of this goes to support the party at a national level. And, while this gives us access to some resources, all our local activity has to be supported by fund-raising.

  • Q: What will by money be used for?

  • A: Paying for local and general election campaigns including leaflets, posters, election addresses, admin fees etc. Keeping our membership informed as well as raising awareness of the Labour Party in N.E. Beds and recruiting new members.

  • Q: How do I enter the monthly draw?

  • A: You can purchase units in the draw via online banking. Set up a standing order using the following details:

Sort Code: 60 83 01
Account Number: 20081203

Please use your initial and surname as a reference so we know who you are, and send me an email to confirm your purchase.

  • Q: How many units can I buy?

  • A: You can buy between 1 and 20 units. Each unit costs £1 a month, so if you want to buy three units, for example, it will cost you £3 a month.

  • Q: How much is the monthly prize?

  • A: Currently winners receive a cheque for £40.


Chair – North East Beds CLP


To confirm your entry in the draw or if you have any further questions, email me at:

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